October 27, 2020

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Sunrise in Bromo Mountain

Sunrise in Bromo Mountain

Sunrise in Bromo Mountain, Mount Bromo Tour Package Since a long ago, Mount Bromo was never empty from visitors and Travellers. It is undeniable, the beautiful scenery of the volcano mountain range active in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park area. Who doesn’t know the Bromo mountains. This tourist area which is an icon of East Java Indonesia is a dream for everyone.

Sunrise in Bromo
Sunrise in Bromo

How come? the charm of the sunrise that has been heard to various parts of the world is a main dish that should not be missed if tourists visit the region. The beauty of Bromo is famous to foreign countries. The charm of the sunrise and the area around the mountain really spoils the eyes.

The long struggle that must wake up at 03.00 Am and drive by Jeep 4×4 is one of the memories that will not be forgotten. While at 03Am o’clock in the morning, the Bromo area is so cold.

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On Mount Bromo, there are several points that tourists can choose to see a ray of hope that can be said as a painting. Before enjoying a few sunrise spots in Bromo, it would be nice, listen first to how you can reach the starting point of departure. Mount Bromo tour is incomplete without chasing sunrise. Many travelers from various regions are willing to get up early in the morning to reach the right spot to enjoy the beauty of Bromo’s morning atmosphere.

The best time to enjoy Bromo sunrise is during the dry season, around June to September. The weather is brighter, the sunrise can be more clearly visible without being hindered by fog. Of course if it comes when it rains and is foggy, the sunrise is less than visible.

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Sunrise in Bromo Mountain

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