Mount Bromo Malang Tour Package 5 Days 4 nights

Mount Bromo Malang Tour Package 5 Days 4 Nights

Mount Bromo Malang Tour Package 5 Days 4 nights, Mount Bromo Malang City Tour 5 Days 4 Nights, long holiday to Malang or Mt Bromo? Choose This Package guaranteed your holiday is fun and complete choice of tourist attractions. Long holidays have arrived, it’s time to vacation with family or relatives.

Mount Bromo Malang Tour Package 5 Days 4 nights

Confused about where to go? to Malang, why? because Malang is a tourist paradise in Indonesia. With various choices of tourist destinations in Malang city, you are free to choose where you want to go during the holiday time. Don’t know where to go when in Malang? calm down with this unfortunate Bromo tour package you don’t need to be confused to choose a tourist destination when in Malang.

Everything is complete in one Malang Batu Bromo 5D3N tour package, starting from Batu Secret Zoo, Omah Kayu, Paralayang, Bromo and many more Malang tourist attractions in this package.

Tour Package Itinerary Malang  Bromo 5 Days 4 Nights

Day 1: Pickup – Batu Malang City

Malang Bromo 5D4N Tour starts with our Team will pick you up in the Airport / station / in Malang or Surabaya. Or it could also be from another city that we agreed to, After pickup in Surabaya / Malang, the program first day went straight to Batu City. Check in Hotel and Free Program.

Day 2: Coban Rais – Coban Rondo Waterfall ( Labirin) – Paralayang Hill

After Breakfast start the Tour to visit Coban Rais (Spot to taking photo picture), and go to Coban Rondo Pujon Malang Waterfall, Labirin Park. Continue to Paralayang Hill ( Contain with Omah Kayu / Wooden House, Taman Langit ) (optional if you want tandem paragliding). In the afternoon visit BNS (Batu Night Spectacular) as well as night culinary tours in Batu Square. Return Hotel and take a break.

Day 3: Selecta Flower Garden – Jatim Park 2 – Batu Secret Zoo Wildlife Museum

After breakfast and enjoy the cool air of Batu city, the poor tour package continues to Apple Picking Tourism, and at the same time to Selecta Flower Park. Then proceed to visit the best tourism objects in Batu Malang, namely East Java tourism, Park 2 Batu Malang (Wildlife Museum and Stone Sectret Zoo). Then, in the afternoon or evening.

Mount Bromo Malang Tour Package 5 Days 4 nights

Day 4: Coban Talun Waterfall – Cangar Hot Spring – Hotel Mt Bromo Area

After breakfast, then after packing and checking out the next lodging, Malang city tour will be continued towards to Coban Talun Waterfall and Cangar Hot Spring. After that proceed to your hotel in Mount Bromo. The trip from Malang to Bromo is around 3 hours drive, estimated that in the evening until late at the inn, check in and take a break to prepare the trip to bromo sunrise at dawn.

Day 5: Mt Bromo Sunsrise Tour – Finish

The Bromo tour package will start when you wake up around half past three in the morning. After the preparation for this trip is complete and the participants gather all of you and the group we will invite to explore along the dark fog of the sea of ​​Bromo to go to climb 1 with the aim of seeing the rise of sunrise in the area of ​​Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. Then after being satisfied to see the bromo sunrise continue the trek climbing 250 steps to the bromo crater.

Not forgetting we will take participants to explore savanna hills and teletubies hills, here please explore with satisfaction and perfection. And the last Bromo trip will be closed with a visit to the famous Padang Caldera on Mount Bromo, which is Whispering Sand, located in the eastern valley of Bromo.

Satisfied recreation around Mount Bromo and destinations in it then return to the inn, eat breakfast and rest. Then it is time to check out the hotel and the last thing we will deliver is to Surabaya or Malang, for example at a station, airport. Finish

Mount Bromo Malang Tour Package 5 Days 4 nights


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