Mount Bromo,Ijen Crater, Mount Semeru, and Mount Krakatoa Tour

Mount Bromo,Ijen Crater, Mount Semeru, and Mount Krakatoa Tour

Mount Bromo,Ijen Crater, Mount Semeru, and Mount Krakatoa Tour. or Volcano Tour in Java. Mount Bromo is one of Indonesia’s most famous volcanoes, with good reason. There is little trekking to be done, but a visit here will serve up one of the most dramatic sunrise photos you have ever taken. From Gunung Pananjakan (2,753m), watch the sunrise with Bromo and Batok smouldering in the crater below, and Java’s highest peak Mount Semeru (3,676m) brooding and smoking in the background.

This explosive landscape will stay with you for a long time and can be combined with a night hike. To the striking turquoise sulfur lakes and extraordinary blue flames of Ijen crater.Than Mount Krakatoa also On the west  of East Java. One of 7 wonder in the world which across the Sunda Strait is The Krakatau volcano, to anyone interested in natural processes. Krakatau is one of the most fascinating areas in the world. The cataclysmic eruption of 1883 captures the imagination, and spectaculer volcanic activity continues to the present.

To those interest in biology and the way islands are colonized by plants and animals-not only islands which life was eradicated by the 1883 eruption. Also the new island of “Anak Krakatau ” the area holds a unique attraction and no visit to Indonesia can be complete without a visit to Krakatau the volcano that shook the world, simply 126 years ego.Mount Krakatau is one of the volcanoes are still active today. But the tourism potential of Mount Krakatoa store that was quite interesting.

Like what the beauty of Mount Krakatoa, located in krakatoa tour the Sunda strait, the following : What comes to mind when you hear the volcano Krakatoa?. Of course, a still active volcano that never erupted with a violent past in the year 1883. It turns out that behind the historic event, the beauty of Mount Krakatau has a remarkable charm.

For All Volcano Tour Package usually need 7 Days 6 Night, and also combine with Mount Rinjani. More information about Volcano Tour or Mount Bromo Ijen Crater Tour 3 Days, You can Contact us.

Mount Bromo,Ijen Crater, Mount Semeru, and Mount Krakatoa Tour


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