Mount Bromo Pre Wedding Photoshoot Tour Package

Mount Bromo Pre Wedding Photoshoot Tour Package

Mount Bromo Pre Wedding Photoshoot Tour Package. This is the best tour package to shoot a bride couple around mount Bromo. Capture the moment of love with exotic Mt Bromo Sunrise. It is best taken in Mount Bromo Sunrise Phenomena or it is on Savanna Green Hill, Whispering Sand/Sea Of Sand, Bromo Love Hill, and caldera Bromo Village View. All those places are romantic spots to prewedding shoot for the bride couple.

Mount Bromo Pre Wedding Photoshoot

This Prewedding Mount Bromo package a shooting session at Bromo with the purpose to enshrined in the form of photographs. And will be on display when the wedding moment party. Prewedding photoshoot has meant take some photos before the wedding party began. They usually choose a romantic and a great place to be made in the object of Pre wedding. Of the most interesting places in East Java, they chose Mount Bromo, because Mount Bromo has incredible beauty also nice place for prewedding. There are some objects that can be made a back ground of prewedding photos such us in summit of Mount Penanjakan 1 View Point, Whispering Sand and Savana Bromo.

Package Prewedding Photoshoot in Bromo

Bromo Pre Wedding photoshoot has a duration of 2 days 1 night, but if you want to enjoy overall of Bromo you can increase the time by duration to 3 days 2 nights. To do the prewedding at Bromo is different from other packages that we offer, where mount Bromo Prewedding package at doing full day, because there will be shooting in some particular spot that could spend a lot of time. Please contact us if you want to combine with other sights it’s ok, all can be discussed about prewedding. Another uniquiness for choosing a prewedding photoshoot on mount Bromo is that to having fun with adventure by a jeep or hardtop vehicle to take a best picture.

Facilities include :

  • Private Car
  • Petrol
  • Driver
  • Hotel accommodation at Bromo
  • Entrance ticket to Bromo
  • Full Package Photography
  • Professional Tour guide
  • Jeep 4×4 at Bromo full day
  • Horses riding in Bromo
  • Mineral water during the tour

Other option:

Mount Bromo Pre Wedding Photoshoot Tour Package


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